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Individuals: Professional development

individuals-480x480Develop has the tools you need to find and track your professional development. Develop’s tools are relied upon and used every day by:

  • Family child care providers
  • Employees of licensed and certified child care centers
  • Staff in school-based pre-k and Head Start sites
  • Organizations, trainers, Course Writers and coaches who provide approved professional development opportunities
  • The Minnesota Department of Human Services and its grantees who support program growth and quality improvement in programs.

Develop offers the following tools to individuals

Create an Individual Profile and track professional development

This is the first step in your Develop journey. It’s an easy, free way to track your professional development! You must have an Individual Profile before you can access other tools.

With an Individual Profile, you can:

  • Log into Develop
  • Find approved training to add to your Learning Record that can count toward advancement on the Career Lattice, for Parent Aware or licensing requirements.
  • Register for training events
  • View, print, save and send your Learning Record
  • Apply for Develop memberships
  • Enter and update your personal information, employment and training history, and communication preferences
  • Register as an organization
  • Complete an Individualized Training Needs Assessment (ITNA)

Become a member

Once you have an Individual Profile, you can apply for Individual membership. It's free, and you can apply directly from your Develop Individual Profile. Membership applications and documentation, like college transcripts, are reviewed and processed by Achieve MNCPD ( Individual Memberships are good for one year and then need to be renewed. Current Individual Membership may be required for some initiatives like Parent Aware, Regional grants, and REETAIN bonuses.
Individual Membership resources

With an Individual membership, you can:

  • Do all the things you can with an Individual Profile plus …
  • Submit your professional development documents to Achieve MNCPD for their review for acceptance, and verification of your:
    • Higher education degrees and coursework
    • Credentials, diplomas and other endorsements
  • Be awarded a Career Lattice Step and issued a Career Lattice e-Certificate
  • Use your Career Lattice Step to explore Achieve MNCPD’s Virtual Career Guide
  • Apply for Trainer or Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) Membership approval (additional requirements apply)
  • Participate in Parent Aware and Child Care Aware of Minnesota grant and scholarship programs
  • Represent Minnesota’s early care and education professionals in national studies that benefit the early childhood and afterschool workforce.

Become a Trainer, Course Writer, or RBPD Specialist 

If you want to provide approved professional development to early care and education professionals, apply to be a Trainer, Course Writer, or RBPD Specialist!
Information and requirements to become an approved Trainer
Information and requirements to become an approved Course Writer
Information and requirements to be an approved RBPD Specialist

With a Trainer membership, you can:

  • Be added to authorized Trainer lists for courses owned by other Trainers and Organizations
  • Schedule and facilitate approved training events from the courses you own or are authorized to train
    • Develop users can use Develop’s search for training tool to find and register for training Events you offer!
  • Enter attendance electronically for people who attend your training events

With a Course Writer membership, you can:

  • Submit new courses to Achieve MNCPD for approval
  • Own courses in Develop
  • Give access to approved Trainers for the courses you own

With an RBPD Specialist membership and approved endorsement(s), you can:

RBPD Specialists must be employed by an organization authorized to provide coaching, consultation and mentoring. Learn more about RBPD endorsements.

  • Offer approved coaching, consultation and mentoring to educators in the early childhood field
  • Enter RBPD events and attendance
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